Kongregate allows you to play free flash games online.

If you’re like me, sometimes playing free flash games developed by people much like you and I is a nice respite from the big name titles. Kongregate is a website which allows you to make your own profile to track your progress with games (earning badges, much like Xbox Live, etc). However you DO NOT need to make a profile to play any of the games.

Kongregate has a large library of games, from just about any genre you could imagine. They also hold contests a lot, in which you can win games / loot from simply beating a game on Kongregate. So the next time you’re bored at work, or can’t find anything to do at home, head on over to Kongregate.com and see for yourself just how great Flash games can be.

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Brian is a retired member of the US Army, a full time student for Graphic Design, a non profit volunteer for Veteran Training, a mentor for disabled veterans in STRIDE Adaptive Sports and one hell of a geek. He plays a lot of video games, mostly on the PC, and enjoys movies, table top gaming, lego building and just going out and having a good time.

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