Our staff answers THE QUESTION: If you could reboot any film franchise, what would it be?

THE QUESTION: If you could reboot any film franchise, what would it be?

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Rob: I gave a lot of thought to this (or should I say I browsed my DVD collection) to get some ideas for what kind of franchise I’d like to see rebooted. There are many superhero movies over the years that have missed the mark, but I’ll opt for a different comic variety. I’d actually like to see the Garfield movie franchise rebooted. The first CGI/live action combo venture wasn’t too impressive and I never bothered seeing the sequel. I miss the classic versions of Garfield we got from the holiday specials and the Garfield & Friends TV show. If there’s going to be another Garfield film attempted in the future, I’d rather see it done in that classic animation style. Oh…and X-Men, how about a REAL Dark Phoenix saga on the big screen? Thanks.

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Doug: Since they’re already re-booting Spider-Man, I reckon it isn’t too soon to be hoping for an X-Men reboot. Heck, I spent more time than a grown man should writing a pilot for a theoretical live-action X-Men TV show last summer. Chris Claremont’s run on the title, especially, laid out a deep mythology that the last run of movies barely nodded to. There have been some decent animated series (X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men) that have given the stories more space to breathe, but I think the characters could be best served by the kind of long-form, primetime TV shows that Joss Whedon makes.

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Bryan: Terminator. The last 2 movies were so god awful and an embarrassment to the franchise. The sheer fact that the Sarah Conner TV series was ten times better than both of the last two movies should say it all.

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Timm: If I could resurrect any film franchise it would be The Land Before Time. They have so many of them, but none are in the new 3-D animation–I mean that is so 80-90s–and that is not my style!

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Dave: Reboot any film franchise? Easy: X-Men. They were so horrible excluding the second one, but still. I felt the first X-Men film was too much like a made-for-TV movie (Anyone remember the Generation X movie they did for TV? How horrible was that? Yeah, you don’t remember cuz it was the worst thing my eyes have ever seen). The second X-Men film I liked, but when the 3rd came out and pissed on everything the 2nd was building up I said; “OK.. just redo the whole damn series”. I still laugh at how much they hated Cyclops. I never was a huge Cyclops fan but it was painfully obvious they didn’t want him to speak in any of the films and they finally just killed him in the first few minutes of X-Men 3 and the rest of the film went on like he was never there. I think in the background there was a balloon floating around with the words; “We will miss you Scott..” but it was a deleted scene…

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