Check the Tekken movie trailer along with some new screens.

Is there any way this movie can be good? For the most part, it’s a bunch of actors I’ve never heard of, and we all know the reputation of video game to movie adaptations. I want so bad for it to be a decent movie, but at the very least I’m hoping for a string of awesome fight scenes. From the new screens that were released, it would seem that they did a very nice job of recreating the proper character appearances. You can check out the previously released trailer and the new screens below.

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Rob Logan

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  • Ok first of all I don’t play Tekken and I am completley unfamiliar with the Tekken story. Haven’t played a fighting game since Street Fighter 2 was popular – though I did play a pretty good Chun Lee…

    Still here?

    The first reason this movie will suck:

    There are people who like movies that were adapted from video games. You can spot them reading novelizations of movies. Media needs to stay in its lane.

    The real reason the movie will suck:

    Geek Generation Law #447 – Fight scenes cannot save a crappy story unless they are revolutionary. ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ and ‘The Matrix’ (hey Keanu, need some salve for that massive burn?) are good examples.

    Tekken will have talented fighters/stunt men and choreographers. The fight scenes will be technically high quality but uninteresting. They won’t break any barriers.

    I bet you $25 Foxy Dollars that this movie is worse than ‘Bloodsport’.

    Cliff Notes:
    Video Games should stay video games.
    Bad story + good fight scenes = bad movie
    Massive diss to ‘The Matrix’

      • “Bloodsport” was great! And based on a true story. “Kickboxer” is the one that’s bad.

        The real question here is whether or not this movie will have a remote island fortress. Don’t dismiss what a remote island fortress can do to a movie!

  • Obviously ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ was by no means revolutionary. But it was the first time most Americans got a glimpse of Chinese martial arts style choreography.

    Fight style can capture the imagination – but it has to be brand new for the audience.