Because when I think homicidal Spartan warrior, I think Slurpee.

The latest God of War III promotion takes the form of a 7-Eleven Slurpee, because when I think homicidal Spartan warrior, I think Slurpee. If you get yourself to a 7-Eleven store during the months of February and March, you can pick up this collaboration with Mountain Dew they’re calling, “Kratos Fury.” It’s described as ‘the perfect blend of ferocious blackberries and frosty lime.’

While supplies last, you can also pick up the Spartan’s Slurpee in one of four collective God of War III cups. But I still haven’t told you the best part. What could be better than extreme berry Slurpee action in a Kratos cup, you ask? How about some DLC codes? Each collectible cup will have Slurpee Nation rewards codes that can be redeemed at for exclusive God of War III and Slurpee-themed downloadable content

While you’re at 7-Eleven, you can also pick up a 2 Liter or 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew to score an additional voucher code that can be redeemed for a Mountain Dew hoodie or God of War III virtual t-shirt for PlayStation Home.

Here are a few screens of some of the available DLC to get your motivation up, as if you really need another reason.

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