Mega Man Universe – character and level editor revealed

Source: Joystiq

More and more information slowly keeps leaking out about the mysterious Mega Man Universe. The most intriguing information to date is that players will have the ability to create both custom characters and unique levels. According to Capcom, “you can create your own original Mega Man by assembling parts you like,” adding that “your abilities will change depending on the parts you choose.” There will be “a wide variety” of these parts. There is some speculation the Ryu and other familiar characters will need to be created in this way as opposed to being in the game as default characters.

Mega Man Universe will also feature a full level editor for building your own stages, which can then be shared with others online. This means you can download and play through others’ creations. “Aside from Mega Man themed stages, there are a variety of custom stage parts that will be revealed soon,” Capcom says.

Unlimited unique Mega Man levels?? I’m sold.

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