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300 – Rob Logan interview

It's episode 300!! The tables have turned, and our friend Pumpkinberry is here to interview Rob about the podcast, his time in pro wrestling, being a...

#176 – Live WWE Moments

Rob and Volpe share stories of significant events that took place at live WWE events they've attended and play a few rounds of Would You Rather.

#166 – Terminocalypse

Rob, Volpe, and Damien talk about a potential return to wrestling, the Wonder Woman and Ant-Man castings, X-Men: Apocalypse, and the Terminator...

#162 – Mike Bennett

Rob sits down with Ring of Honor's Mike Bennett to talk about his early days in professional wrestling, the current indy scene, and his relationship...

#151 – Will Noonan

Comedian Will Noonan joins Rob on the streets of North Attleboro to talk comedy, wrestling, and podcasts.

#115 – Holiday Rage

Rob, Mike, and Mikey talk about holiday attitudes, road rage, winning a Ted contest, some upcoming movies, and their Hollywood man-crushes.

#081 – Bum Haven

Mike recaps his last weekend of wrestling, Anna spins tales of Sin City, and Rob is his usual over-analytical self.

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