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Just Chatting with MrMidasGames

MrMidasGames joins MopGarden to chat about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, working as a games presenter, transitioning from music to gaming, and The Sims 4.

Just Chatting with the Mods

MopGarden is joined by four of her channel mods to chat about when they joined Twitch, other streaming services, trade schools, and chat trolls.

Just Chatting with TGrumm

TGrumm joins MopGarden to chat about after-Partner goals, Twitch's international rate conversions, catching people having sex in a cemetery, and his...

Just Chatting with SarnaBella

SarnaBella joins MopGarden to chat about how they met, dealing with trolls, the toxicity of the Rainbow 6 Siege community, Twitch Partner struggles...

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