Tag - Just Chatting

Just Chatting with Shamanom

Shamanom joins MopGarden to chat about being a Twitch Ambassador, LGBTQIA+ issues, experiences at Twitch HQ, and streaming for charity.

Just Chatting with Taudriel

Taudriel joins MopGarden to chat about reaction videos, gardening, LGBTQIA+ category trolls, and balancing community care with self care.

Just Chatting with Kyente

Kyente joins MopGarden to chat about the stress of being a full-time streamer, the unexpected downside of partnership, connecting with viewers, and...

Just Chatting with Spinachee

Spinachee joins MopGarden to chat about early streaming days, gaming, the impact of a strong community, and attempting to stay healthy.

Just Mop

MopGarden starts things off solo to explain what Just Chatting is all about and answer some frequently asked questions about herself.

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