Author - Rob Logan

Rob is a movie buff, computer whiz, gamer, huge Batman fan, and above all... a geek. In addition to being the Founder and Host of The Geek Generation, he is also a photographer, graphic designer, certified clinical hypnotherapist, a former professional wrestler, and a current superhero.

The Chase

Greg and Acorn learn about the possible side effects of sleep deprivation as Azula gives chase to Team Avatar! How is Azula able to catch up to the Gaang so quickly...

Radio Winden – Xmas

The Dark Three close out 2020 with a Radio Winden; reflecting on Peter & Charlotte's relationship, their own lives, and celebrate a listener's new project.

Avatar Day

Acorn and Greg celebrate Avatar Day with the warm, inviting, friendly villagers of Chin Village who definitely do not hate or burn effigies of The Avatar. Will Aang's...

The Swamp

Acorn & Greg find themselves being drawn to A SWAMP!? Who is the giggling girl Aang sees? What does Arctic Hen and Possum Chicken have in common? All this and more on...

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