Much talk lately has been around Virtual Reality filling this need – but is AR for video games and gaming in general actually a better bet?

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As a sector, gaming has always relied on changing technology and leaps forward to stay fresh. After all, if we were all still playing the original Super Mario Bros on our Nintendo 64s, gaming would not be where it is today. As such, the games developers and companies are always looking for that next breakthrough to take the industry into the future. Much talk lately has been around Virtual Reality filling this need – but is AR for video games and gaming in general actually a better bet?

For those who missed out on the Pokémon Go craze, Augmented Reality takes what is happening in the real-world and adds digital components to it as part of the game. This is different from VR which is played purely in a fantasy world. Many industry experts think AR could be better for gaming as it is more realistic, more suited to mobile play and does not need any special equipment to enjoy.

But which genre of games could benefit most from adopting AR in the future?

Online casino games

One game genre that could really take AR into the big time is online casino gaming. Using AR technology to complement what is going on in the real-world with digital characters or flourishes certainly sounds exciting. It would also take the online casino experience up another level and make it closer to playing offline. Of course, you need to find some quality casino games to play first before this is possible. Many players check out to find the best online casino games around.

Location based games

The aforementioned Pokémon Go is the classic example of AR in this genre. As a type of game, location-based titles are perfect for AR. They not only stipulate that you get out into the real world but then deliver an unreal level of wonder when what you see is augmented on your mobile device. These sorts of game are ideal for using AR to make the real world a more intriguing and surprising place.

Puzzle games

One genre of game that could benefit from using AR more are puzzle games. Incorporating this technology would allow players to solve puzzles through real world interaction. This in turn would make the games more enjoyable. It would also bring the games to life a little more and thus make them more visually interesting to play. Seeing blocks moving or things appearing through Augmented Reality before your eyes in your own living room would be really cool!

AR could be the future

Of course, AR has already been used in some video games titles, but many think it is something that should be more widely seen. With VR stealing all the headlines, it is still the feeling of many that Augmented Reality offers more flexibility and possibilities when developing games to play. People who find VR a turn-off because it is fictional may also be drawn more to AR as it is based on the physical world we live in. Whether Augmented Reality takes off as expected remains to be seen but many genres of game could certainly benefit from it.

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