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Vane – game review

Vane provides a dire apocalyptic story told entirely through its stunning artistic direction and driven by an emotional synth score.

Treasure Stack – game review

Treasure Stack is a light and fun puzzle game that really sucks you into each round and brings out the strategist in you. While I do wish that there...

PSIBO – game review

There is some fun to be had, but it requires self motivation for long gaming sessions to be worth while.

Chime Sharp – game review

Chime Sharp is an interesting hybrid of music and puzzle-based gameplay following in the footsteps of its 2009 predecessor, Chime, for XBox 360. The...

Ecotone – game review

Taking place in a world that is a hybrid between cute and nightmarish, Ecotone isn’t your average platformer and not for those who aren’t big fans of...

UnEpic – game review

UnEpic should not be measured by its title, as the game truly stretches into some seriously awesome territory for an indie game.

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