2014 GeekGen Award Nominations

It’s time to enter your nominations for the 2014 GeekGen Awards!! Enter answers into the fields for every category in which you’d like to nominate. Please enter only one answer per field.

Nominations end on January 25th, 2015.

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All Media (movies, TV, video games, comic books) and Misc. Categories:

  • Best new app of the year (specify function):

  • Best new tech of the year:

  • Biggest media letdown of the year:

  • Best crowdfunding campaign:

Video Game Categories:

  • Best Handheld Game:

  • Best Multiplayer:

  • Game Soundtrack of the Year:

  • "Sidekick" of the Year (specify game):

  • Game Character of the Year (specify game):

  • Best DLC (specify game and specific DLC pack):

  • Best Indie Game:

  • Best Sports Game:

  • Best Action Adventure Game:

  • Game Moment of the Year (specify game):

  • Game of the Year:

TV Categories:

  • Best TV Actor (specify show):

  • Best TV Actress (specify show):

  • Best TV Personality (non-acting role - specify show):

  • TV Character of the Year (specify show):

  • Best Comedy Show:

  • Best Drama Show:

  • Best Cartoon:

  • TV Moment of the Year (specify show):

  • TV Show of the Year:

Movie Categories:

  • Best Special Effects:

  • Best Actor in a Movie (specify movie):

  • Best Actress in a Movie (specify movie):

  • Movie Character of the Year (specify movie):

  • Best Action Movie:

  • Best Comedy Movie:

  • Best Drama Movie:

  • Best Movie Quote (specify movie):

  • Best Movie Action Sequence(specify movie):

  • Movie Moment of the Year (specify movie):

  • Movie of the Year:

The Geek Generation Podcast

  • Best Smash-Up answer:

  • Best Guest of the Year:

  • Show Moment of the Year:

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