For the #MyOreoCreation contest, three Limited Edition Oreo flavors were created: Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Pina Colada. We tried all three.

For the #MyOreoCreation contest, three Limited Edition Oreo flavors were created: Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Pina Colada. We tried all three.

Kettle Corn Oreos

The Kettle Corn Oreos are stocked with cream, making them roughly Double Stuf size. It seems the reason for this is to allow enough room for the “Puffed Millet Pieces” contained within. On the initial bite, they are intensely sweet and the puffed millet is hardly noticeable. If you separate the cookies and eat just the cream, the millet is much more detectable and does add a texture similar to a popcorn kernel. Once the initial sweetness subsides, the aftertaste really reveals the kettle corn flavor, which is surprisingly accurate. A hint of caramel is also present.

Cherry Cola Oreos

The smell of cherry cola comes flooding out of the package as soon as you open the Cherry Cola Oreos. It’s easily the most intense of the three regarding both aroma and flavor. When biting into it, the cola flavor is the most prominent. Soon after, you’ll feel the popping candy exploding in your mouth, a clever way to simulate the carbonation that actual soda would have. It’s also here that the cherry reveals itself, as the popping candy is most likely the source of that flavor. With these, if you’re going to eat one, you might as well eat a few, because the aftertaste is going to linger for quite awhile.

Pina Colada Oreo Thins

The Pina Colada Oreos are instantly separate from the other two as they opted for the Thins style of cookie. This seems like a wise decision, as the cookies feel lighter and more refreshing, making the cookie more suitable for warmer weather consumption. The taste of pineapple dominates the flavor, but a hint of coconut completes the intended effect. Because of the lighter feel of the Thins and the most accurate translation of the three, I can see myself eating more of the Pina Colada variety over the other two options available in this contest.

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