To get maximum enjoyment from your playing time, you want graphics that are smooth and sharp.

If you have gone to the trouble of getting a beast of a PC for gaming, you expect to get the best results from it. One area that can sometimes disappoint you is the graphics in a game. To get maximum enjoyment from your playing time, you want graphics that are smooth and sharp.

If your current gaming set-up is lacking in this department, you need to learn how to adjust your graphic settings.

Where to adjust your graphic settings

Tweaking the settings that affect how your game looks and therefore plays can be done in a couple of ways:

In-game: The sensible place to start looking is in the options for the particular game you are playing.

Your video card control panel: If you can’t access an in-game graphics menu to amend or the settings you want to change aren’t there, try the control panel on your video card instead. Simply export the EXE file into the game you are playing, and you will have lots of fun settings to tweak.

Graphics tuner: If you really want to customize your game’s graphics, a third-party tuner could be the answer. This will let you amend the settings for each game you play and store them for playing heaven.

The most common settings that will make a difference

When you start to play around with the graphics on your computer, the first thing you will notice is that there are lots of settings you can fiddle with. They all alter the picture in some way, but these are the best ones to start with:

Resolution: Taking your resolution higher will improve the look of your game greatly. Just be careful it doesn’t slow you down too much!

Anti-Aliasing: This cool feature will make your game look smoother and even out those jagged edges when set up correctly. You can adjust your AA settings to a number of magnifications, but 4x is a good starting point.

Refresh rate and VSynch: This graphics setting relates to how many times the image on your screen is refreshed every second. Using VSynch will ensure the picture you get is perfect by syncing your screen’s refresh rate to the output of your graphics card.

Can your antenna make a difference?

In addition to tweaking things in your computer or the game itself, you may also need to consider the hardware you are using. Chief among this is the strength of the signal that you are getting to your monitor. You may have noticed the Clear Vision Ultra HD Digital Antenna advertised on TV at the As Seen On TV Store. This is the type of product that could improve the picture you are seeing on screen by boosting the signal going into your monitor.

Let your games amaze you

If you are currently playing games and think the graphics are lacking, don’t just put up with it! Tweaking your graphics settings and looking at your hardware can make a real difference and take your game’s looks to the next level. Graphics are so vital to your gaming experience that it is worth taking the time to get it right.

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